12:38 AM

Cars, Houses, Accidents, London...UPDATES

So... It's been awhile. The latest news is that we found a great car. A black Mini Cooper S. I love it. Brent found it after the Corolla he bought for me for Christmas blew up on us. It was crazy that I finally had a car that I was actually excited to drive.

Unfortunately, in even more recent news, the Mini was smashed. Poor Mini. A stupid lady turned into Brent when he was going through an intersection. And she lied and said he ran the red light, so now we don't have a car until insurance proves who was at fault (her). I hope the Mini isn't ruined....... :(
Also recently, we had been looking for houses because Brent got an awesome job. We will be in Utah for awhile now. So we found a perfect house in Daybreak in South Jordan, they are these modern looking solar powered houses. Not only is it a brand new house but we get to have it built as well. but this is what it is going to look like. This is the Model home but it is the same exact layout and style that we are building.So there is just a few pictures but it has that 30 foot ceiling in the living room, it has an upstairs loft, 3 bedrooms and 2 and a half bathrooms. We already have money down and are pre-qualified we are just waiting for them to get the permit to break ground on it, and we are waiting and hoping that we qualify for the mortgage loan.

Last on our list of updates, Brent finishes up his classes this semester, and we are going to London for a week for his graduation present and our vacation. We are going to an Arsenal match because that is Brent's favorite football team, and he was sure to get me a jersey to wear when I am there.
And that is about it for now. I'll be finishing up with school here in December, then who knows. As you can see, Bowzer is doing well and he is still our little baby. <3

11:37 PM

Nikki's 21st Birthday!

So the picture's are kind of out of order, but basically Brent took me to fabulous Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday. This time around we did vegas right, it was such a blast. Brent and I and two of Brent's coworkers drove down in our fabulous rental car....a Toyota Prius! Got a speeding ticket even with a radar detector. (Luckily Brent and I weren't driving, but I still feel bad for his coworker.) We got to Vegas and went to the VIP check in at the Flamingo. Brent had the hook up as he worked with the (now former) manager of Donny and Marie. We got discounted, SUPER nice rooms. That is what a vegas hotel room should be, wayyy better than the Luxor. The room was complete with a tv in the bathroom mirror so you can watch from the tub or shower, (or toilet i guess).
We also got free tickets to the Donny and Marie show. We headed there and saw that the four of us were by far the youngest people attending to show. But we had really good seats and it was all still fun even though none of us have ever listened to Donny or Marie. Our parents were jealous of us. :)
Next Brent and I put our money into the slot machines for the first time in both of our lives! And of course we didn't win anything and realized the slots were pretty much a waste of time. Brents coworkers lucked out though it was just us that kept losing. After that we left the Flamingo and walked around the strip for awhile. We watched our friend play some roullette, and finally went back to our hotel room for the night.
The next day we did some more site seeing and browsing. Saw the lions at the MGM grand, went to an Arcade and saw Sonic the hedgehog, went to the Coca Cola store, then rested up for Brents big birthday surprise.
We had dinner at the rainforest cafe before heading over to the Hard Rock Hotel for my surprise. Brent tried to cover my eyes as we drove in because there was a huge bilboard with Dane Cook on it. My baby knows what I like and he knows how to spoil me! We enjoyed Dane Cook's Isolated Incident show as well as two comedians who opened for him who where actually really funny as well.
After the show brent played his first game of roullette as I looked on. I watched as some people next to us lost a LOT of money and I watched a lady win a good amount. I finally peeled Brent away while he was ahead 30 bucks. Brent was proud of his winnings and would proudly express that he had "beat the house" for the rest of the night.
we headed to margaritaville for kicks (in our friends cases' for drinks) When the bouncer handed back my ID he told me happy birthday. We watched all the drunks an the crazies below and I started getting the feeling that it was getting close to being time to leave. After awhile vegas makes me feel a little depressed for humanity. Two days was enough time.

It was a great vacation and it was an AMAZING birthday present. My husband knows how to treat me and show me a good time. :)

12:11 PM

What I want for my birthday

Okay basically this year for my birthday I want all things superficial, makeup, clothes, shoes, and hair products. I don't know why but i just have the urge and need for this kinda stuff this year...

but my husband is taking me to vegas for an awesome vacation and we are seeing a show that he is keeping a surprise. And i basically have the most amazing husband in the world so that is all i need.....

but as far as want..
I am craving this stuff.

11:49 AM


So there is a lot we need to update but now is not the time we are getting fast internet soon so that we can post pictures and they wont take forever to upload. but here is an important event in our life, particularly in the life of Bowzer...

One day we noticed Bowzer was scratching his eye a lot, and then it started not opening all the way, and then it was oozing gross stuff and we didn't know what had happened. We were all set to take him to the vet.

Then Brent calls me to tell me that he pulled a seed that was an inch long out of his eye! We saved the seed I can't believe it was in there all the way. We took him to the vet still but he was already getting better. And now he is fine

So Brent saved bowzer's life.
and we found out bowzer weights exactly 3.6 pounds! and he is 10 months old!

10:33 AM

San Diego & Portland

So Brent & I went on vacation to San Diego and Portland to visit our families and friends. We took Bowzer along with us and he was very good in the car. It was really fun being home, not so much fun driving there. Bowzer loved his vacation too because he had tons of people to love him
and he had big backyards to run around free in.

6:35 PM

My New Hobby...[DiSTRACTiON]

So I have this new thing where I have to go on youtube and watch different makeup tutorials. It is really detrimental to my productivity and homework completion but its a new obsession. My favorite ones to watch are the ones put out by XTeener, because she uses everyday makeup and finds cheaper alternatives to the really expensive kinds. And I do not have a lot of money to blow on M.A.C. or any of that fancy stuff. (If i did have money I would totally blow it on that though)

I also really like Michelle Phan's channel. (Yeah i know they are both asian girls) But Michelle just knows a lot of different things so she has a lot of variety to her tutorials.

You wouldn't really know it about me but I really am into makeup i just don't have money for it and I get too lazy to take the time on doing it in the morning or any other time really. But its definitely something that I'm interested in.

6:05 PM

Bowzer's 4 months old!

Bowzer is now 4 months old and he weights 2.5 pounds. I can't believe he's grown. He's still tiny and adorable... He has gotten a lot better about going to the bathroom outside. Now he stands by the door and looks at us when he needs to go out. He also has gotten good at sitting and laying down on command.

Bowzer doesn't really like taking baths but he gets dirty a lot. The other day we started to teach him how to swim

Brent has two big boxes full of packing popcorn in front of our house and we decided to let Bowzer play in them today

We love him.